Analytics & Insights

For data-driven decisions

Get a full picture of how people find your locations and what experiences they have there. With these insights you can increase your performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Stop guessing

Start Knowing

20 %

of marketers are convinced that data analysis is essential to understand consumers

1 %

of the marketing budget can be saved through integrated marketing analyses

1 %

more views for Balu customers who use the entire platform

Your local performance

At a glance

Get real-time insights into how your marketing activities are performing across different channels and make informed decisions to optimize them at individual locations and in different regions

Visibility and conversion metrics

All views, clicks and calls are measured across time and locations.

Ratings, Stars and Response Rate

The number of reviews, star ratings, and response rate provide information on how well your locations are meeting customer expectations.

Specific filter management

Specific filters help you to identify weak points and potential.

Know where you stand in relation to your competitors

Visibility Analysis

Check the visibility of your locations and sites and analyze their ranking status compared to the competition for the most relevant keywords.


Learn how your rankings affect the number of views, clicks, and other important metrics.

Location filter

By using location filters, you can quickly get an overview of the mood at each individual location.

Understand feedback correctly

Translation: Star ratings are important, but they only represent a fraction of the whole picture. With sentiment analysis, you can capture the emotions behind the ratings and find out how to turn even more customers into fans.

Approval processes

Approval processes ensure who in the team can edit answers or templates.

Sentiment scores

Our sentiment analysis provides insights into how customers perceive your business as a whole, including critical aspects like service and pricing.

Deeper insights with NLP

Advanced natural language processing provides you with insights into the overall sentiment, tailored to your industry..

Your Benefits


See which locations are performing better or worse in terms of views, clicks, and ratings compared to the competition.

Data exports (API, CSV)

By potentially integrating Balu GraphX into other tools and systems, you can make your data analysis even more precise.

Personalized To Do List

Focus on quick successes to optimize your business for local search queries and ensure long-term customer loyalty.

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