Manage business listings, easily.

Manage your business listings
to rank higher anywhere online.

Put your business on the map

Balu stores your business listings (name, address and phone number) for each location, with all relevant global partners including Google, Bing, Facebook and Yahoo, so search engines can easily find you.


Visibility through Listings Management

Customers turn to Google for everything they need. Make sure you're seen first with a strong Google My Business profile and accurate business listings.

Win new customers

Featured Message ​

Stand out from the competition with Google’s Featured Message.

Rich Media

Therefore, make sure it stands out from the competition with Featured Message.

Google Q&A​

Stellen Sie daher sicher, dass es sich von der Konkurrenz mit Featured Message abhebt. 

Listings Management

Higher ranking through listings management

Update and manage your business listings for each location on 50+ websites to ensure customers find you easily, no matter where they search.


Find out how customers find you

Calls, directions, website visits. Learn how your customers and prospects connect with your business on Google.

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