Get found through positive reviews

Stärke das Vertrauen und erhöhe die Weiterempfehlungsrate, indem du deine Online-Präsenz aktiv pflegst
und auf Feedback von Kunden reagierst.

Increase accessibility

Strengthen your reputation

Accurate information

Make sure your locations and services are correctly and completely listed on local search platforms like Google Maps, Yelp and Facebook.

online reviews

Respond quickly to online reviews and act in a solution-oriented manner in the interests of your customers.

Assessment management

A rating management system helps you to monitor all ratings and helps to identify negative feedback at an early stage and to react to it quickly.


Always available in an emergency

Balu ensures that your business can be found on all major platforms, apps, and directories when emergencies arise.

Always the first choice

With correct location information, on all platforms, you optimize your ranking and help people to find you better.

Listen to your customers

Respond to online reviews from your customers and thus increase customer trust.

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