Nucleus of your public facts

With GraphX from Balu you have full and real-time control over your company information at all times, no matter where customers search for or talk about your products or services online.

Take care of your

digital visibility

Improved online visibility

Engage and engage more people with comprehensive and relevant answers wherever they ask questions.

Reach your goal with consistent data

Reduce the time, effort and data discrepancies for all departments and internal systems to a minimum.

Brand experience at all touchpoints

Stay in control of all business information and be where people are looking for you online.

Efficient data management

from one source

To improve visibility and sales, it is important for your business to have consistent and accurate location information. With GraphX, you can manage the opening hours, contact details, products, and services for each of your locations from a single data source, thereby achieving better visibility and increased sales.


Our partner integrations allow you to push changes to their local directories in real-time.


Through our partner integrations, we ensure that your data is always correct.

Single Sign-On

With single sign-on and two-factor authentication, we ensure that only authorized people have access to your data.

Company data as a single source of truth

GraphX ​​ensures an accurate update of all your company data.


You have a centrally managed library with all your products and services, including menus, images and product descriptions, always at your fingertips.

Processing and optimization

Data preparation and optimization ensures that your data is formatted and validated to the highest standards.

Geo Pin

By using the Geo Pin, you can ensure that your geographical coordinates match the actual address.

Identity and access management workflows for teams

Balu offers the possibility for all employees to have control over the information they are most familiar with, regardless of the responsible person. The same standard and consistent brand identity are always maintained.

Purview Communications Compliance

Easily control who has access to what information and who can make changes.

Mobile optimized

Thanks to the user-friendly design and accompanying mobile application, managing information and responding to reviews is made easier.

Custom Tags

Alle Standorte werden gruppiert und ermöglichen somit eine gleichzeitige Verwaltung, die Vergabe von Zugriffsrechten und die Erstellung von Reportings.

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