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Durch die Veröffentlichung von lokalen Inhalten, inspirierst du deine Kunden und ermutigst sie, deine Geschäfte zu besuchen. So gestaltest du mit Social Posting deine virtuelle Vitrine, sei es auf Google, Facebook, Instagram oder TikTok.

An all-encompassing suite designed for managing all your social media channels

A comprehensive collection of

Top-notch specialized tool

From calendars to analytics, consolidates all aspects of social media management into a single platform. Discover the reasoning behind every metric and make data-driven decisions to engage with your audience.

Establish and expand your social media presence.

Utilize these tools to strategize, monitor, and oversee your social media activities.

Harness AI and medi editing to create meaningful copies that speak to your audience.

Content creation

Plan and auto publish posts to your relevant networks all at the same time. Customize for each network to fit into each network.

Scheduling your post

Monitor, analyze, and gauge social media performance with real-time analytics.


1 Euro. 7 days.

Full access.

Get full access to features and tools of the Pro plan for 7 days with $1.


Harness the power of social media to your benefit.

Handling social media can be exhausting. Here are four ways Planly enhances your social media management within a unified platform.

Save time

Tailor your analytics strategy to your unique needs and plan your actions accordingly based on what proves effective for you.

Grow followers

Increase your followers by understanding your audience's demographics and behavior.

Manage effectively

Centralize all your social media accounts into a single platform for better coordination.

Boost engagement

Balu provides precise posting times to optimize engagement levels.

How does it work?

Top-notch specialized tool

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Connect & Automate All Your Social Media Apps


Schedule posts to Facebook groups, pages. Schedule first comment on Facebook and links to boost engagement.


Auto publish Instagram posts, stories, reels, carousel posts. Boost engagement with Instagram first comment scheduling and pin posting.


Schedule TikTok videos to get them published via inbox notifications. Add captions, text, audio effects while publishing to get more views on TikTok.

X (a.k.a. Twitter)

Schedule tweets, photos, and videos to Twitter. Start conversations with Twitter first comment scheduling.


Schedule posts to LinkedIn personal profiles and pages with Balu. Add links and first comment on LinkedIn to drive engagement.


Schedule photos and videos with Pinterest scheduling. Increase traffic adding links to Pinterest posts.

For only 1 Euro

enjoy 7 days of complete access

Get full access to features and tools of the Pro plan for 7 days with $1.


Answers to Your Questions

Balu Social Post serves as a social media scheduling tool for posting content on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

We get this question very often. Balu Social Post provides a fast and intuitive experience to auto publish posts to schedule posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. For TikTok scheduling, we use inbox notification, where you will need to publish posts from your mobile device.
Also, you can schedule first comments to social platforms to trigger engagement on your posts.


Die Verträge sind Jahresverträge, die sich automatisch um ein weiteres Jahr verlängern, wenn nicht vorher gekündigt wird.

Based on the social platform you intend to schedule posts for, you have the option to link either personal or business accounts for scheduling purposes. Scheduling posts for TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn personal accounts is available, while scheduling for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest requires users to connect their business accounts.

Once the trial period concludes, you will automatically transition to a monthly or yearly Pro plan subscription. Should you choose not to proceed with the Pro plan, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any point during the trial. Simply navigate to Account Settings > Billing Details and click the „Upgrade Plan“ button to cancel your subscription.

If the current pricing plans don’t align with your requirements, we can offer you a personalized plan tailored to your specific social media needs. Please schedule a brief call with us, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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