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Local Brand Experience Platform

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? With our AI-powered Local Brand Experience platform, we help you reach and delight people!

The most effective way

To reach people

The actionable AI-driven

Local Brand Experience Plattform

Our AI-powered platform provides a wide range of tools and functionalities to optimize your brand’s digital footprint.


Local visibility

Balu ensures that your business is present in places where customers search for your products or services. It makes it easy for them to search on the leading platforms, apps and directories.

Get started faster

Trusted by our partners, we have the ability to unlock multiple company profiles at once, allowing you to go live within minutes

Duplicate Suppression

Accurate and consistent site profiles are ensured by duplicate suppression.

Retain customers & win champions

Use Balu Reviews to manage your online reputation: Read, respond and rate local reviews in one place.


Ratings, stars and response rate

The number of ratings, star ratings, and response rate tell you how well your sites are meeting customer expectations.

Sentiment scores

The sentiment scores provide information about how your customers rate your company overall and important aspects such as service and prices.

Sentiment Analysis

By analyzing sentiment values, you can identify strengths, weaknesses, evaluation trends and optimization potential for your company. These insights help you to take targeted measures to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.


Don't wonder - know

Gain comprehensive insights into how customers find your locations and what their experience is. With these insights, you can optimize the performance of your business and meet the needs of your customers.

Key figures for visibility and conversion

Monitor the number of views, clicks, and calls over time and across all locations to gain valuable insights into your company's performance.

Visibility analyses

Regularly check the visibility of your sites and analyze their rankings compared to the competition for the most relevant keywords to optimize your online presence.


Notifications and reply templates make it easier to respond to social media comments and feedback and build a strong online presence.

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We are Balu

At Balu, we create connections by connecting businesses with people and enabling them to master the entire Local Brand Experience for their customers.

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